The Mindstrong Behavioral Healthcare Solution

Mindstrong delivers a comprehensive behavioral healthcare solution that augments existing care to enable early and effective interventions.

Our mission is to improve patient care and support at-risk populations before their troubles become chronic or severe. We seek to improve access, quality and clinical outcomes, and reduce hospital visits, by moving from reactive to preemptive care.

The Mindstrong Solution comprises:

  • Health by Mindstrong – a patient-facing smartphone app
  • Care by Mindstrong – a provider-facing web app
  • Mindstrong Health Services – care augmentation through licensed behavioral health professionals utilizing evidence-based assessment and intervention

The Mindstrong Solution

Care Augmentation Mindstrong Health Services

Mindstrong Health Services delivers continuity of behavioral health services between clinic visits, for county and state systems, large employers and healthcare systems. Passive and objective biomarkers of changing mental health alert Mindstrong's licensed providers, who can contact, assess and intervene through telehealth. With early intervention, Mindstrong aims to improve clinical outcomes and reduce hospital visits.


For Patients and Individuals at Risk Health by Mindstrong

The Health by Mindstrong smartphone app provides real-time measurement and support through messaging and telehealth from Mindstrong’s licensed provider care team.


For Providers Care by Mindstrong

Mindstrong augments and extends existing care models. Mindstrong Health Services, through licensed professionals, gives the patient’s care team immediate insights and 24x7 support to patients. The Care by Mindstrong provider-facing web app identifies individuals who may need immediate attention.