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Improved Outcomes and Decreased Cost of Care

Using Technology Your Patients Already Have

Putting Mental Health Care Within Reach 

Mental healthcare costs

$238 billion

annually in the U.S.

Healthcare costs are

70% higher

when a patient has mental illness

Serious mental illness causes

$193 billion

in lost earnings annually in the U.S.

Mindstrong is reducing mental healthcare costs, total healthcare costs and unhealthy days.

Ongoing results are from major two-state demonstration program with final readout in 2020

Passionate People, Compassionate Care

Mindstrong’s clinical specialists, therapists, and psychiatrists are selected for their experience and training to deliver the best evidence-based treatments with passion and compassion.

Mindstrong Employees talking

Innovative Care Model

Mindstrong is mental health care re-imagined. Our therapists use evidence-based approaches in structured, goal-oriented messaging sessions. Between sessions, our therapists recommend practices through the Health by Mindstrong app, and respond 24/7 for urgent issues and crises. Mindstrong closes gaps in care by coordinating with the patient’s existing healthcare team and supplying any additional services which are necessary.

Mindstrong's Evidence-Based Approaches Include:
Coping and Emotional Regulation
Behavioral Activation
Reflective Listening and Empathy
Crisis Management

Delivering Solutions In Record Time

One study found that 96 million Americans have had to wait longer than one week for mental health services, with some waiting months. This is particularly harmful after hospital discharge, where patients are vulnerable, and quality measures focus on follow-up within 7 days. Mindstrong is able to deliver services in record time, taking wait times down from months to days, and sometimes even minutes.

1 Business Day

New Patient

1 Business Day

Urgent Psychiatry Appointment

7 days

Targeted Therapy Sessions

15 minutes


Measurement Science

Mindstrong’s digital biomarker engages patients and provides a continuous, passive, ecological monitoring of risk. Data gathered from smartphone use alert our clinical specialists when the patient may need more support. Knowing in advance means that Mindstrong providers reach out before a crisis occurs. We are now conducting a clinical trial as part of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval process so that they our biomarker measures can be used by licensed healthcare workers across the country.

measurement science video
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