Mindstrong Health Brain Health for Life

Our mission is to provide smarter, preemptive brain healthcare that improves clinical outcomes and reduces hospital visits.

Mental Health Matters


We believe brain health is fundamental to our mental health and overall health.


We believe good mental health empowers us to live our best life.


We measure brain health and deliver smarter care, for life.

The Opportunity for Transformation

Reduce health system spend. The U.S. spends >$200B in behavioral healthcare per year.1
Increase access for patients. 60% of mental health patients lack access.2
Reduce relapse rates. 30-50% 12-month relapse rates for severe mental illness and substance use disorders.3
Serve patients in need and populations at risk. Brain health matters to everyone.

1 Roehrig, Health Affairs; 1:6 (2016) 2 Mental Health America 3 Leach, et al, Syst Rev; 7:2 (2018)


Mindstrong Is Transforming Brain Health Through Measurement Science

Mental healthcare is typically reactive and results in high costs, poor outcomes, and patient and family suffering. There has not been a way to passively and objectively measure cognitive function and mood on a continuous basis, and intervene when a person needs it most.

We developed the first continuous measurement system of cognition and mood. With this, we are empowered to detect cognitive changes early, and engage in early interception and care.

Mindstrong's solution includes a patient-facing app (Health by Mindstrong), a provider-facing product (Care by Mindstrong), and Mindstrong Health Services, comprised of licensed providers who augment existing care capabilities and infrastructure to deliver evidence-based assessment and intervention.

Earning Trust

Technologies like digital phenotyping offer a revolution in healthcare. As with all technologies, there is a risk that the promise of progress could be tempered by the misuse of a powerful new tool. Smartphone data is personal, and it must be protected. Mindstrong Health is committed to ensuring public trust by employing the highest levels of privacy protection, engaging patients and families in research and development, and working with national experts in the ethics of digital healthcare.

About Us

Mindstrong was founded by three of the world’s leading authorities in neuroscience, medicine, and artificial intelligence. It is based on their shared vision to redefine neuropsychiatric healthcare, transforming diagnosis and delivering precision therapy. Mindstrong builds on one of the founder’s patented digital phenotyping platform developed over years of extensive clinical R&D.

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